User Experience Design

This Full-Time course is a carefully crafted programme
which offers huge possibilities either for acquiring new skills, complete career transformation,
super fast employment or developing your own product

⚠️ Important information: We follow the latest trends in the UX world. In order to achieve the goal of delivering knowledge at the highest level, we are currently working on improving the agenda and the technologies used in the course UX Design Fundamentals. With that goal in mind, we announce in advance that the course scheduled for November will be held next year with an even better and advanced agenda. Thank you for your understanding. 🚀

70 hours
10/15 spots

This course is suitable for:

Anyone who wants to retrain in the field of UX Design
Enthusiasts who want less programming but are passionate about planning and problem solving
Career Shift for Designers (Graphic, Web, Interior) who want to move into the UX realm of business
Beginners, career changers, entrepreneurs who want to work on projects with real clients, anyone who wants to further expand their knowledge or validate their existing expertise

In this program you will learn:

User Psychology
Simply minimize the end users mental effort
✓  Mental Models
✓  Psychological Preconditions
✓  Proximity-Compatibility
✓  Continuity
✓  Cognitive Load
User Research
Understand your users with
✓  Online Surveys
✓  Data Analysis
✓  Empathy Mapping
✓  Behaviour Flow Analysis
✓  HotJar
✓  Google Analytics
Interactions, Interfaces and Design Strategies
Easily design web and mobile apps
✓  Visual Design Principles
✓  Web Design Guidelines
✓  Mobile Apps Design Guidelines
✓  Design System in Figma
Implementation of Information Design and Architecture
Design, implementation and evaluation
✓  Visual Hierarchy
✓  Information Architecture
✓  UI Organization
Wireframing & Prototyping
Get hands-on experience with industry-leading platforms, tools and practices
✓  UX Софтвер ( Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD, Balsamiq )
✓  User Flows, User Journeys & Information Architecture
✓  Understanding the difference between Lo-Fid and Hi-Fid Wireframes
Usability, SEO and User Testing
Select appropriate UX research methods
✓  Empathy Mapping
✓  Taxonomy
✓  Personas
Create a Kickass Portfolio
Sharpen your versatile skills
✓  Pitch Presentation Techniques
✓  Visioning
✓  Personal Branding
Leverage Your Skills and Solve Complex User Problems
Become indispensable to employers
✓  Stakeholder Management
✓  Agile Methodology
✓  Team Cohesion

Skill Up, Then Level Up

You are much more than just another job title. In the tech world, UX Design is a career with high growth rates and in high demand. The set of skills, ability to influence a project, product or service is of paramount importance resulting in ever-increasing wages and immersive demand to excel in a data-driven economy.

According to Glasdoor.com current UX designer salary averages sitting at $80,000 per year for entry-level jobs (0-1 years of experience) which is over $ 6,500 a month.


Current open job positions
in Europe


Average monthly salary
(0-1 years of experience)


Monthly open job positions
in Macedonia

Meet your mentor and instructor

ilija bojchovikj

Ilija Bojchovikj

User Experience Architect
with over 10 years of experience in optimizing, developing and expanding web and mobile user experience including SaaS, CRM and ERP systems. Definition and architecture of the front-end part for the use of technologies that will solve complex interfaces, designs and design interactions, SEO semantics, mapping and visual optimization. Auditor of several books.

Consultant and mentor with success stories including gigantic clients including:





George Trpchev

UX Designer and Interactions mastermind. More than 15 years of experience in the website world's makeup with a special touch and sense of UI and interactions. "The guy" when it comes FIGMA (design systems, auto layout, constraints), visual communication skills, Design principles, Interaction design skills, creating unique 2D & 3D illustrations for web and mobile applications, Wireframing, UI Prototyping, and Motion design, Typography and UX Writing, Portfolio design and lots of other cool stuff. Taking care of the Interface so you can say “Hey, that looks DOPE!




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Career prospects after UX Certification

UX Designer

CX Designer

Experience Designer

UI Designer


UX Certification
This course is a full-time training programme with certification in the field of UX Design. If you successfully pass the training, the final exam and the final project, you earn yourself a title and a certificate UX Profesional (UXP) via AcademyOfUX. More about the certification method and the specializations you may find here.

Date, location and tuition questions

   Bul. 8-mi Septemvri 6/1-1, 1000 Skopje, Macedonia


   076 505 506

Our courses are filled on a first-come, first-served basis, and consist of up to 10 listeners per group so that each listener can get a substantial time and attention to master the core techniques.

70 hours
10/15 spots

Course Feedback

🦄  Attending an academy doesn't have to be just another passive listening to courses. AcademyOfUX gave me anopportunity  to learn the fundamentals of UX with learning by doing, and also learn in depth by simulation of real projects. The classes were interactive and Ilija was always helpful to give us an extended answer to our questions.


Ilija knows his craft! 👏  I totally recommend the User Experience Design course to anyone who is ready to change his or her mindset and to become UX minded designer, or just to learn modern techniques and methodologies for innovative thinking and creative problem solving which are useful no matter where or what your are working on.


Excellent !! Top-Notch Academy! No clichés and farces. 👊Unique teaching approach. The application of good UX is also noticed in the classes. I gained a lot of good experience learning from Ilija during the exercises and working on projects that were not easy at all. Compliments. 🏆