UX Development

The end product is useless without optimization and adaptation.
This uniquely crafted programme combines techniques and skills carefully selected for developing a digital product.
Interactions, coding, optimization, performance and much much more.

August 2023
30 hours
20 spots

This course is suitable for:

UX designers, UI designers, coders and individuals who already know how to write HTML5/CSS3 and want to dive deep into the core of the digital product sphere as well as learn how to adapt for any environment or target group.
Anyone who wants an unconventional approach towards the expansion of the future users and harmonization of the business with the implementation of Compliances such as GDPR, ADA etc.
Project managers who have the need to learn what Accessibility means and what kind of impact it will have on their digital products simply by using UX methodologies to adjust their needs.
Enthusiasts who want to get ready to work on serious products with huge clients by using coding techniques which will help them boost their performance and semantics while making an impact on the credibility of the product and the conversion rate.

In this program you will learn:

Code Semantics
Code Semantics for boosting the performance
✓ HTML5 Semantics
✓  CSS3 Semantics
✓ Powerful attributes
✓  Code Key Metrics
✓  Images Rendering Tips & Tricks
Into to Compliances implementation
✓ GDPR Basics
✓  GDPR & Web Components
✓  ADA Compliance Basics
✓  ADA & Web Components
✓  WCAG Basics
✓  WCAG Implementation rules
✓  Tips & Tricks for implementation
Loading Experience
Boost the user experience with loading time optimization
✓  Loading steps
✓  Optimizing the network
✓  Optimizing the parsing
✓  Optimizing the rendering
✓  Optimizing images
✓  Achieving extreme loading performance
Web Performance Optimization (WPO)
How the browser works, reads and renders the code and how can you affect it
✓  Proper use of Google/Firefox/Safari/Edge Developer Tools
✓  HTML Rendering
✓ CSS Styles rendering path
✓  Debug Instances
✓  Web Performance Reports
✓  Optimization Frameworks

Skill Up, Then Level Up

Almost all enterprise solutions, stores or digital services are transferred to online platforms where they are in direct contact with the end-users. However, if your solution, e-store or product needs more than 3 seconds to load, then more than 50% of the users will leave the page or simply won't convert.

This course offers you a way to avoid this by using SEO that will help you increase your conversion rate and gain more happy customers. It is crucial for raising and maintaining the user experience, but also essential for increasing profit, which means increasing the total number of potential customers, buyers or partners, as well as brand awareness.

At the same time, the seriousness of the platform and the seriousness of the partnership agreements depends on some implemented standards (Compliances) which, like the ISO in the business, directly affect the level at which you are presented to the world.

What you will learn:

  • Web performance optimization (WPO)
  • HTML5 / CSS3 Semantics
  • Famous Compliances & Implementation Basics (ADA, GDPR, WCAG)
  • Charts and metrics for measuring performance
  • Measuring performance on different platforms and networks
  • Measuring tools
  • Optimizing networks, parsing, rendering, and images
  • Improving recurrent user performance and interactions


Open remote positions
At Fortune 500 companies


Average salary with 0-1 years of experience
according Glasdoor

Unique skill
that only big companies has

Meet your mentor and instructor


Aleksandar Kuzmanovski

Front-end & UX Development professional with more than 8 years fully focussed on Front-end technologies and development strategies. Code semantics and web development spied with aesthetic and pixel perfect implementation are part of his daily routine. He has worked with world wide clients developing full systems from bare scratch to established systems. Code, aesthetic and strategy mind processes, necessary skills for one UX "Dev" mistermind. 😎




Ilija Bojchovikj

User Experience Architect
with over 10 years of experience in optimizing, developing and expanding web and mobile user experience including SaaS, CRM and ERP systems. Definition and architecture of the front-end part for the use of technologies that will solve complex interfaces, designs and design interactions, SEO semantics, mapping and visual optimization. Auditor of several books.

Consultant and mentor with success stories including gigantic clients including:





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Specialties you will gain

Performance Analysis

Organizational skills


System score


This specialization brings you a certificate in the field of UX Development. This specialization can be combined with other 2 specializations in order to acquire a diploma as a UX Professional. More about the certification method and the specializations can be found here.

Date, location and tuition questions

   Bul. 8-mi Septemvri 6/1-1, 1000 Skopje, Macedonia


   076 505 506

Our courses are filled on a first-come, first-served basis, and consist of up to 10 listeners per group so that each listener can get a substantial time and attention to master the core techniques.

August 2023
30 hours
20 spots