UX Management

Carefully selected methods for managing UX Design practices inside the company for continuous growth, planning,
forecasting, management, communicating UX Processes, decision making and best practices for team cohesion.

July 2023
30 hours
9/10 места

This course is suitable for:

UX/UI Managers, IT Managers and team leads which want to further expand their knowledge and change their team or overall organization communication and reporting methods
UX Designers, UI Designers, and UX Researchers who want to upgrade their skills for better ROI, investment plans and business decisions
Individuals who want to strengthen or gain new leadership skills and decision-making practices either for themselves or between the teams in the company they work at
Everyone who wants to build a foundation or change the strategic or tactical plans for their product or service with applying UCD methodologies

In this program you will learn:

UX Leadership
Learn how to integrate a UX mindset in the company
✓  Navigate organizational “politics”
✓  Become a savvy leader
✓  Company’s UX Maturity
✓  Facilitative UX Leadership
UX Strategies
Strategy development and tactics with cross-functional teams
✓ UX Strategic Actions At the Project Level
✓ User-centered "insights" integration
✓  Differentiation Strategy
✓  Adaptive UX Business Strategy
UX Tradeoffs & Decision Frameworks
Impact measurement and business decisions
✓ Business Design Principles
✓  Decision Biases
✓  Satisficing vs. Maximizing
✓  Opportunity Costs
✓  Strategic Tradeoffs
✓  Collaboration Structures
The orchestration and optimization of people, processes
✓  DesignOps the Mindset
✓  DesignOps the role
✓  Cost of Delay
✓  Design Systems & Methods
✓  Scaling Work
✓  Scaling Teams
Structures and Facilitators of UX Workshops
Decision ways and information sharing. Project-wise or company-wise
✓  Meetings vs. Workshops
✓  Group Culture and purposes
✓  Constraints
✓  Frameworks Of Guidelines
✓  Conducting activities models

Skill Up, Then Level Up

Many of the challenges that a UX Manager faces are close to any managerial function. The difference is in the sense of exchange and orders of mutual values in the team and the business. What is most difficult in this position? It is most difficult to determine and level UX values within business values and business decisions, making final conclusions and choosing directions that will be valuable to both the team and the business or product as a whole or as part of the product ecosystem.
Basically everything that a UX Manager has up in his sleeve.
With one sentence: "UX managers are the translators between business strategies and UX activities and vice-versa"

UX Managers are not here for employees, teams, meetings, presentations or profits, they are here to make valid, desirable and valid end-user decisions while maintaining business goals.
Whether as a title or simply as a mindset, along with the specialization come new skills that we will need to apply to introduce the UX culture to others:

  • We fight for the team but we follow the big business image in our mind
  • We can recognize UX talents
  • How to work with human resources to understand all the business processes
  • Organization goals and business forecasting
  • Creating sustainable goals
  • Effective meeting training
  • Building a healthy team structure

Secure your spot at the decisions table in the company!


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UX Manager


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Meet your mentor and instructor


Ilija Bojchovikj

User Experience Architect
with over 10 years of experience in optimizing, developing and expanding web and mobile user experience including SaaS, CRM and ERP systems. Definition and architecture of the front-end part for the use of technologies that will solve complex interfaces, designs and design interactions, SEO semantics, mapping and visual optimization. Auditor of several books.

Consultant and mentor with success stories including gigantic clients including:





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Specialties you will gain


Decision making

Organizational skills



This specialization brings you a certificate in the field of UX Management. This specialization can be combined with other 2 specializations in order to acquire a diploma as a UX Professional. More about the certification method and the specializations can be found here.

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   Bul. 8-mi Septemvri 6/1-1, 1000 Skopje, Macedonia


   076 505 506

Our courses are filled on a first-come, first-served basis, and consist of up to 10 listeners per group so that each listener can get a substantial time and attention to master the core techniques.

July 2023
30 hours
9/10 места