UX Research

Get into the user research field and find out what you end users are up to!
Learn how to navigate methodologies and tools for quantitative and qualitative research.
Practise a wide spectrum of techniques for gathering important and implementable information about human behaviour.

March 2023
30 hours
6/10 места

This course is suitable for:

UX professionals who want to know how to build powerful products through the art of user and data analysis
Marketing and Project management people who are trying to find out what techniques will help them to properly read the data and use an analytical understanding of the users and the product
Designers who want to learn research methodologies, testing and user observation, and also read a detailed analysis
Everyone who works with data and numbers, trying to understand the processes and users in a more detailed way and who want to apply effective research results thus boosting the impact of the final outcome

In this program you will learn:

UX Research Methodologies
How to get the data you want?
✓  Intro to UX Research methodologies
✓  Interviews
✓  Questionnaires
✓  Field Studies
✓  Camera/Diary Studies
✓  Affinity Diagramming
✓  Usability Benchmarking & PURE Method
✓  Desirability Studies
Journey Mapping
Detailed and structured understanding of the user needs
✓ Journey Mapping Basics
✓  Approach and Prerequisites
✓  Mapping the Experience
✓  Visualizing the Narrative
✓  Apply the Change!
Omnichannel & Customer Experience
Use numbers and data to implement change
✓ Omnichannel Maturity
✓  Research & Mapping
✓  Important Components
✓  Contact & Support
✓  Omnichannel Strategy
✓  Create buy-in
Engaging Stakeholders
Satisfy the stakeholders
✓  Biggest Challenges
✓  Understand the Stakeholders POV
✓  Stakeholder Management
✓  Stakeholder Engagement
✓  Identify & Map
✓  Pitching UX and creative projects
UX Team of One
How to conduct UX Research and to implement it if you are just an UX team of 1
✓  Outreach & Communication
✓  Setting a Flexible Process
✓  Protecting your time
✓  Becoming a Team of 1+

Skill Up, Then Level Up

Several questions circle around the planning and the strategy in an organization. As a researcher, you need to build credibility to tackle these research problems. Not just around the final physical product, specifically when creating an "intuitive" and "desirable" product whether it is physical or digital. This is probably one of the most important tasks of a UX professional.
To achieve this we need to learn to understand the users, their behaviour and what motivates them. Metrics and analysis are welcome, but in order to know how to read them properly, we need to know how to understand them, how to prepare and how to present them to management. All of these standards are set on the market by these professionals, so-called UX Research-ers.

Have you ever made a decision based on assumptions? Or worse, have you made or implemented a wrong decision? Have you been overly annoyed with your end-users by burdening them with questionnaires and exhaustive interviews? Did you just spend too much money and time and end up with no concise answer? Then this program is crafted specifically for you.

What you will learn:

  • To implement metrics as a base to any decision
  • The importance of UX Research in an organization
  • Qualitative & quantitative methods for research
  • To plan and perform effective questionnaires
  • To implement a solid product development program
  • The correct way to read and analyze human behaviour


Priority skills for landing a job
in Google, Microsoft or IBM


Average salary with 0-1 years of experience
according Glasdoor

Top 3

Most wanted skills
required from 1 UX Professional

Meet your mentor and instructor


Ilija Bojchovikj

User Experience Architect
with over 10 years of experience in optimizing, developing and expanding web and mobile user experience including SaaS, CRM and ERP systems. Definition and architecture of the front-end part for the use of technologies that will solve complex interfaces, designs and design interactions, SEO semantics, mapping and visual optimization. Auditor of several books.

Consultant and mentor with success stories including gigantic clients including:





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Specialties you will gain

User Analysis

Metrics and decisions

UX/CX Strategy



This specialization brings you a certificate in the field of UX Research. This specialization can be combined with other 2 specializations in order to acquire a diploma as a UX Professional. More about the certification method and the specializations can be found here.

Date, location and tuition questions

   Bul. 8-mi Septemvri 6/1-1, 1000 Skopje, Macedonia


   076 505 506

Our courses are filled on a first-come, first-served basis, and consist of up to 10 listeners per group so that each listener can get a substantial time and attention to master the core techniques.

March 2023
30 hours
6/10 места